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Quantum Intuitive Sessions with Kathleen Sherman


I'm Kathleen Sherman and I help people just like you to discover and connect to their original soul and energetic blueprint.

ability to see into both worlds helped me to heal myself from many diagnosed physical ailments and awakened me spiritually.

A Spiritual Journey

Healing ourselves is always the first step on the path to helping others. Each individual has the ability to heal themselves. 


My goal is to help others to clean, clear and heal on a soul level, then to awaken to their own abilities through intuition, light and inner knowledge. 


In turn they will share knowledge with others to bring light and unity to all by opening to their own spiritual potential.


Kathleen's Certifications

Medical Intuition and Advanced Medical Intuition Certification from Tina Zion.


Certified professional master life coach including life purpose, happiness and shamanic life coach certifications through Transformation Academy.


Certified master hypnotherapist and hypnotist, and certified past life regressionist through Karen E. Wells.

Certified Reiki Master-Usui Reiki Ryoho.

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Book Art-01.png

My New Book is Here!

You're Not Crazy, You're Simply Divine

My new book is a memoir about my experiences as an intuitive and serves as a guide for others on their path of spiritual awakening. 

This book includes
11 divinely-channeled meditations to help you on your spiritual journey. You will learn how:
          - To tap into your own intuition
          - To communicate with your spirit guides
          - To invite Angels and divine beings to help you
             bring in the most joy and love into your life.

Quantum Intuitive Sessions


Intuitive Readings and Quantum Healings include:

  • Shamanic healing and seeing techniques

  • Akashic record work including visions and clearing work in past and future lives

  • Spirit animal retrieval and connection to spirit guides and divine helpers

  • Energetic DNA upgrades to help you grow on your ascension path

  • Quantum energetic body scans and quantum healing for any issues in the energy body.

  • Spiritual coaching and mentoring

  • One on one channeled spiritual journeys, meditations and shamanic journeys.

  • House clearings and grid work for keeping the house clear of negative entities and energies.

  • Channeled messages from Angels, Archangels, Divine Beings of light and Ancestors.

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Testimonials from Clients

You're good! The pain is gone! I feel so clear, thank you so much! You are amazing at what you do!


I was so impressed with Kathy and the gifts she shared. She was open, warm and welcoming.  I experienced revelations, understandings, healings, and tools to use on my own. 


Thank you Kathy! I definitely recommend her to any and everyone!


The session was absolutely amazing! Everything Kathleen said resonated, you can tell

she has a gift


I feel so much lighter! Highly recommend!


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