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My New Book is Now Available!

You're Not Crazy, You're Simply a Psychic Medium, 
A guide to awaken your divine psychic abilities

Have you ever wondered how psychics and mediums talk to the dead? I used to wonder the same thing, until I had a wild and unexpected spiritual awakening. Now, years later, I am a spiritual mentor, medical intuitive, psychic medium, and natural shaman. I want to share my knowledge with others. This is a guidebook to help YOU on your quest to open to a whole new dimension of psychic abilities. I was once asked “How do I do what you do?” This is how, and I am honored to be your guide!

You will learn to:

Clear your energy field and understand how it works.

Set up your sacred space and learn to raise your vibration.

Tap into your intuition and connect to your spiritual antennae.

Learn the Laws of the Universe.

Connect to the Divine.

Meet your spiritual team of light, Spirit Guides, and Angels.

Learn to connect with the deceased.

Learn to cross lost souls to Heaven.

And much more!

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My First Book Available on Amazon!

You're Not Crazy, You're Simply Divine

My first book is a memoir about my experiences as an intuitive and serves as a guide for others on their path of spiritual awakening. 

This book includes
11 divinely-channeled meditations to help you on your spiritual journey. You will learn how:

  • To tap into your own intuition

  • To communicate with your spirit guides

  • To invite Angels and divine beings to help you bring in the most joy and love into your life.

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Available in digital and physical formats at these fine retailers:

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