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Spiritual Hygiene and Personal Energy Course


Have you wondered how to clean your energy field? Kathleen has created a course that will teach you the mechanics of how to cleanse and clear your own energy, and the space around you. It teaches how to tap into that inner voice that is within you that holds the answers you seek. It also teaches you how to use the laws of the Universe called the law of attraction to flow into your happiest and healthiest version of yourself! This course was specially created by Kathleen and her Divine team of light to assist everyone to learn to feel more balanced and grounded in life. This course teaches you many aspects of your energetic self and gives you many tools including six modules totaling 2 ½ hours of recorded content that you can view at your own pace that is yours permanently. 1. *Your energy and you. Learn about the auric field (energy field within and around you) and how it works, and how to cleanse it. 2. *The 7 main energy centers and what they do, called Chakra’s. 3. * Cleansing your energy body, physical body, and space around you. 4. * Accessing your inner wisdom and inner voice- including guidance on how to connect with that part of yourself, and how to trust it. 5. * Grounding and balancing your energy. 6. *Setting intentions and how to use the law of attraction.

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